this is bar none, the worst company to ever get involved with..do not work for this company.

the owner anthony tomasse has ego issues that borderline serious drug use. this man thinks he is as important to your life as god himself. he mood swings at any givin moment and there is no job security there.

if you have a mishap he will take money right out of your check without you having any recourse.this man ought to be horsewipped.if you go to work for this company be prepared to give up your liberty, and pursuit to hapiness for they will own you and make *** sure you know it as well

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U sound like u have issues

Toledo, Ohio, United States #790250

I'm currently one of the local drivers their at Getgo Transportation. I like working their yes tony does have his moments but what boss/ owner doesn't his lively hood is on the line with every load we pull tony gave me my big break when no one else would for that I thank him by doing a great job day in and day out as for the drivers I've met that work their they are a great group of guys I've only been driving for 5 years and the others 15+ so when I need help they help out and so does tony *** jump on the forklift or help slide tandems or just about anything you need help with if he's not busy well help you or smoke a cigarette with you to ask you how your family is doing I've worked for big carriers and small ones and I've never had an owner ask me how's my family I would recommend this company to other drivers


I have found Tony Tomase to be a forthright, effective, and fair employer as well as a good businessman. Every business of any size will have had in its past a disgrntled employee who thinks the world revolves around their needs, their wants. This strikes me as the case with this employee. I doubt he has the capability to reflect upon his part in the equation of things that may have led to any problems with mr. Tomase. It is extremely unfair to GetGo to have this negative feedback go unanswered on this website. To be honest, the item has lived long enough on this site and should be retired as it can dissuade potential drivers of GetGo from applying and possibly missing out on a great employment experience with a solid player in the trucking industry.

Bill Hinsch

Customer of GetGo

Licking, Missouri, United States #4519

I have worked for Getgo for 4 years and I have never witnessed anything like what you described.I enjoy working there, am treated fairly, and get along well with the owner and employees.

I think Mr.

Tomase is a great boss, he treats me and the other employees with respect, and I think Getgo is a great company to work for.It is too bad that ex-employees like you just want to bad-mouth a good company because you got let go.

Licking, Missouri, United States #4503

you sound like a poor lazy unintelligent slob who is full of ***!

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